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What is BathWraps By Jacuzzi?

BathWraps offers the most complete line of non-porous high-tech polymer wall systems, tubs, showers, and walk-in safety tubs (for aging in place). They come in a wide variety of colors and styles. In addition to being so cost-effective, non-porous high-tech polymer is easy to keep clean. It is backed with a lifetime warranty, not to chip, crack, peel, or fade over time. High-tech polymer combats the destructive and unhealthy effects of mold and mildew with Silvershield™, a trademarked technology that infuses BathWraps high-tech polymer with silver ions that prevent bacteria from growing and reproducing.

Why BathWraps high-tech polymer?

Let's face it, tile is more expensive because it is very labor intensive to install. Tile is porous, susceptible to mold, and requires scrubbing with harsh chemicals to keep it clean. Grout is also porous, can crack and leak over time, plus tile can be dangerously slippery when wet. You will wonder why you ever considered anything but a high-tech polymer tub, shower, and wall system. They are incredibly beautiful, and one of the most durable materials used in the shower construction industry and for good reason! It prevents mold and mildew due to SilverShield™ a trademarked anti-microbial protection technology.

BathWraps vs Tile?

As the exclusive dealer of American made BathWraps® for NJ, we offer the most complete line of non-porous, groutless, anti-microbial, scrub free acrylic materials, styles, and colors in residential tubs, showers, and walk-ins. But you may be asking, why are these materials such a smart investment? In addition to being so cost-effective, non-porous acrylic is easy to keep clean and can last a lifetime. In turn, combating the destructive effects of mold and mildew, protecting the value of your home, and potentially safeguarding the health of you and your family. It's why we trust BathWraps and to prove it, why we offer the industry's leading manufacturer warranties. Because grout is porous, which may lead to leaking and cracking, a groutless wall system makes sense. Water is beautiful and serene unless it's leaking through your living room ceiling due to a cracked tile/grout wall or shower floor. BathWraps designs for water. 100% waterproof construction ensures no leaking.