Is Your Shower Safe?

Ahh, the bathroom.  Very necessary in a home but also a place where many find peace, solace, relaxation, and sanctuary.  It is for this reason so many people spend so much money making their bathroom a reflection of what brings them their Zen.

When designing a bathroom, there is one massive factor that you need to keep in mind, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, every year about 235,000 people over age 15 visit emergency rooms because of injuries suffered in the bathroom.  Roughly 14 percent are hospitalized.

More than a third of the injuries happen while bathing or showering, and an unbelievable 14% happen using the toilet.  Statistically women are twice as likely to have an injury in the bathroom and the injuries increase with age.

Your health and safety have to be a top priority in every decision you make. You are essential to so many people in so many ways.

There are things you can do which can make your bathroom a safer place without sacrificing the beauty of the room. Your bathroom can jump off the pages of Architectural Digest and be a safe haven, without it looking too clinical.

Safety features benefit all ages. If you are going to build or remodel a bathroom, here is a reminder of what you can do to reduce the risk of injury:

Remove Obstacles – One of the biggest risks for the clumsy or elderly is tripping over the side of their bathtub. Not everyone enjoys a bathtub, so Converting a Tub into a roomy Walk-in Shower can prevent this from occurring. Low threshold and no threshold showers allow for effortless entry and exit.

Essentials Accessibility – Make sure that soap, shampoo, conditioner, towels, and any other bathing items are within easy reach with built in shelving or accessory storage organizers.

Mount Grab Bars – Grab bars are indispensable for the elderly but also useful at any age.  They can be used for the shower, tub area and near the toilet to aid in getting on and off.

Improve Visibility – Daylight and light fixtures can set the mood and need to light the way at any time of day. Night lights illuminate the path from the bedroom to the bathroom and within the bathroom to reduce the chance of a fall or injury.

Non-Slip Surfaces – Skip the floor tiles with the high shine and opt for a tile with texture. Non-slip decals or a textured bathmat should be used in the tub and shower.  When choosing a mat for outside the shower and bath, non-skid is essential! Remove decorative scatter rugs, they are a slip and trip hazard waiting to happen.

Decrease the Heat -Make sure your hot water temperature is a maximum of 120 F to avoid scalding for every age.

Everyone is at Risk- while slips and falls effect the elderly, any age can be in danger whether it be a Tiptoe Toddler, a Tired Tween, a Mindful Millennial Great Aunt Ethel, or you.

Relax- take it easy – Installing a secure bathing seat is great for all ages, a safe place to sit down and shave your legs, scrub your feet, or to feel more secure. A raised seat for your toilet eases the up and down.

Now that we have inspired you with great ideas for your home, contact us and we can show you how easy it is to bring it in to your reality.